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The Account Transactions report

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We’ve added Xero’s most flexible report to Report Templates. The Account Transactions report opens a world of possibilities for the management accounts you prepare for your clients. You can configure the Account Transactions report in an absolute multitude of ways. This blog post gives you some ideas to get you started.

Here are 3 ways you can shape the Account Transactions report

1. Create a shareholder drawings report

Concerned about your client’s excessive drawings? Bring this to their attention by including a shareholder drawings report in the monthly management accounts you prepare for them. All you have to do is adjust the Account Transactions report.

  1. Go to your client’s Xero account.
  2. Select your pre-prepared management report template* by going to Reports > All Reports > Adviser.
  3. Click ‘+ Add a Report’ and select Account Transactions.

4. Click Report Settings, select the shareholder accounts and click Update.

5. Edit the report title to “Shareholder Drawings”.

You’ve now got a detailed Shareholder Drawings report that you can use as the basis for an advisory discussion with your client.

2. Create a detailed sales report

Noticed your client’s sales have dropped from previous months? Include a detailed invoice transaction report in their monthly management accounts. Use this as a discussion starter and get your client talking about any sales and customer risks.

  1. In the Account Transactions report, click Report Settings.
  2. Select the Sales accounts and click Update.

3. Create a material transactions report

Only want to talk about material transactions with your client? Or do you want to discuss expenditure that potentially needs to be capitalised? Include a high-value transactions report in your client’s monthly management reports.

  1. In the Account Transactions report, click Report Settings.
  2. Click ‘Add a filter’ and select Net.
  3. Enter a figure such as 5000 and click Update.
  4. Edit the report title to something like “High-value Transactions”.

*Haven’t used Report Templates yet? Or only using Report Templates for annual sets of accounts rather than monthly management accounts?

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